Your food processor won’t be the most versatile tool in your kitchen, but it can do a lot more than you probably think it can. If you have chopping and mincing to do, it will be great. If you have mixing to do, it can do some of it as long as the mixture isn’t too wet. If you want to get some dough ready to go in the oven, it has a blade to make that happen, too. Even though it can do all those things, you have to make sure it can do what you want it to before you open your wallet.

There are quite a few extra perks and additions you can get for your food processor, but you’ll primarily be using it to make big food smaller and turn pieces into mixtures. No matter what you’re going to use it for, you may want to spring for some extra goodies to go with it.

More Bowls For Your Money

nesting bowlsOne of the things I know I’m going to invest in is more bowls for my food processor. As much as I can make it work with only one, I like to get a lot of stuff done without having to stop and re-prep the tools for each ingredient. If I know there are several ingredients involved in my recipe that are going to have to be chopped, I want to do them all at once and have them ready to put together.

If I have a bunch of bowls, I don’t have to continualy stop, dump the stuff, clean the bowl, and start again. I would rather get done sooner and clean more after everything’s done, than have to clean the same bowl over and over again and slow down the whole process.

Scrape It Off

Some machines come with special blades or attachments which will scrape the sides of the bowl while you’re mixing. You can also get tools that make it easier to do once the blade stops moving. No matter which type you decide on, you want to make sure you get a tool with some kind of rubbery grip that will easily dislodge the food from caking up on the sides of the bowl. If you don’t dislodge things throughout the process, you can end up with pockets of well-mixed food and a whole lot of other stuff that is not as homogenous. Your spatula is super important, especially when it’s time to get less solid mixtures out of the bowl.

For Cooking, Etc.

basic bladesOn another page, I talk about these along with information about the variety of blades and attachments you can get, but it’s definitely worth repeating here. As I said, your food processor is not going to be the most versatile machine in your kitchen, but you can still expand its use beyond just a bowl and a blade. You can find whisks that will be kind to eggs and creams while they’re being mixed, and you can also get several different kinds of juicers. Personally, I don’t think a juicer is necessarily worth it because I would want a real, full-sized one, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be super helpful if you only need a juicer once in a while.

Find Your Nest

One of the coolest things you can find for some food processors is the option for “nesting” bowls which let you pick the amount of food you want to make and get the right kind of bowl to match up with it. Some machines come with one or two bowls, some come with three, and you can even find more with other machines. It makes it easier to store them all, and you don’t have to spend extra for them.

Immerse Yourself

Some processors also come with separate blenders that use the same motor and base. Others come with immersion blender attachments that are easier to use than free-standing ones, which can lack control. You can get some blending functionality out of your processor, but it doesn’t always work with the same bowl.

Enough Options To Keep You Guessing

For something that is designed to really serve one primary purpose, a food processor can do a pretty good job of getting you what you need with the tools you have right in front of you. For just a little more dough, you can get extra tools and attachments to make it even more useful. If you’re like me, you want your large tools to be as useful as possible, so check out all the attachments and accessories available before you buy!