One of the biggest considerations I have when I’m looking into buying a product is how easy it is to clean. If I spend hours making food, I don’t want to spend hours cleaning up afterwards. I love my stand mixer, but it can be so difficult to get clean. And I don’t even want to talk about my espresso machine, even if it is my favorite item in the entire kitchen. It serves up some delicious goodness, but it’s not easy to clean. At all. I have to be super-motivated to make espresso because I know it could end in a whole lot of work. A food processor, however, really isn’t the same. In fact, it can be downright easy to clean your food processor. You’ll want to figure out how easy it is to break down and put back together before you buy it, but it shouldn’t stop you from buying the perfect machine for you.

First Of All: Safety

No matter if it’s the easiest machine to clean or the most complicated, you have to be careful. Even though the discs and some of the attachments don’t look imposing, they’re still seriously sharp and they can do some serious damage. That’s not an exaggeration. Make sure you’re being gentle with the blades and that they get wrapped up and put away immediately after they’re cleaned. Otherwise, you can end up with, at best, less skin than you started with or, at worst, a dangerous cut that will require a visit to the emergency room.

Meet Your Friend: The dishwasher

One of the better things about a good food processor is you can let the dishwasher do the work for just about everything other than the base that holds the motor. If you’re not big on handwashing, the lid, stopper and bowl can usually go right into the dishwasher. Be sure to check the information on the machine beforehand and make sure it points out not only that some parts are dishwasher safe, but which pieces they are. In theory, most, if not all of them, should be dishwasher safe. Otherwise, you’re going to have to scrub everything by hand, which still isn’t too bad as long as you’re careful with the blades.

cleaningbrushThe hardest part of hand cleaning the tools is the latches and clips tend to have small places where crumbs and liquids can get stuck. You may need to get something small like a toothbrush or a special cleaning brush to get things out of the spring compartment a lot of bowls have to help them lock into place. As long as you’re okay with precision work, you should be just fine.

Wipe It Down

The only way to get the base of your food processor clean is to wipe it down with a towel and maybe a little bit of dish soap. You can’t submerge it in water and it will be pretty heavy to hold up and clean. It’s pretty easy to go through with a sponge and make sure it gets a good once over. It never touches food and only houses the motor and innards, but you still want it to know you care.

Squeaky Squeaking

Getting your food the way you want it doesn’t have to mean a whole lot of cleaning. In many cases, it doesn’t mean much cleaning at all. You just drop the parts in the dishwasher, wipe down the base, and move on with your day and your delicious food. Nothing missed. Just delicious.